Santa Cruz County Lead Cleanup

The Charles Derby Small Bore Range was a 1-acre area located in Santa Cruz County. The range was located on a flat area within a ravine; a nearby intermittent creek directs drainage from the area into the Santa Cruz Municipal Harbor, which in turn drains into the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. The range had operated since the early 1950s and was used by law enforcement agencies and private gun owners for rifle and pistol target practice. It was estimated that approximately 200,000 rounds per year of ammunition were fired at the range and until approximately 1990 all the ammunition was lead. We worked with the City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation to assess the gun range and develop site assessment and remedial action plans acceptable to the Department of Toxics Substance Control (DTSC), Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) and County of Santa Cruz Environmental Health Department (County). As part of the Phase II assessment, we drilled over one hundred soil borings and collected numerous grab-groundwater and surface water samples. Using the data, RRM prepared health and ecological risk assessments, developed remedial action cleanup goals, and prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan (RAW) for site cleanup. The RAW also included a soils management plan and site health and safety plan. The RAW was approved by the oversight agencies and successfully implemented. After completion of the work, the property was incorporated into the nearby county park.