Transportation Facility Storm Water Pollution Prevention

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) requires industrial facilities, such as recycling yards, mining operations, and transportation facilities, to actively monitor the quality of their site storm water runoff that flows into nearby surface waters under a general discharge permit. At a transportation facility in San Jose that stores and maintains large tour buses, storm water runoff enters the San Francisco Bay from two point sources within the facility's parking area. Under the general provisions of the facility's discharge permit, monthly observation of each point source and samples of storm water runoff from each point source are required twice per year during a heavy precipitation event. Concentrations of oil and grease, gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum-based contaminants present within the samples must be within acceptable levels and the findings must be presented to the regional SWRCB in an annual report. The facility operators save time and limit cost by using our experienced monitoring and consultation services. They recognize we provide more efficient liaison with local and state regulatory agencies, efficient labor and materials costs, and discounted laboratory fees.