RRM has extensive experience in completing project work funded by the California Underground Storage Tank (UST) Insurance Fund. We work closely with responsible parties, regulatory oversight staff, and UST Fund staff to assure costs are reimbursed and compliance is maintained. For most of our UST Fund clients, we handle all facets of budget approval and reimbursement. We have handled UST Fund projects for companies, school districts, residential property owners, and commingled plume responsible parties.

At a site in Hollister, California impacted with perchlorate and solvents, we assisted the responsible party with investigation and cleanup. The work was funded under an insurance policy issued by American International Group, Inc. (AIG). As a result, all work was reviewed and approved by AIG staff. Work at the site included extensive subsurface investigation of multiple water bearing zone; excavation of impacted soil; installation, operation and maintenance of a groundwater extraction system and soil vapor extraction system; injection pilot testing; remediation planning and scale-up; operation and maintenance of multiple wellhead treatment systems; and regulatory and public liaison. Communication and budget oversight were key factors in the success of the team.