Remediation Risk Management, Inc. Company Profile


logoSINCE 1992, Remediation Risk Management, Inc. (RRM) has provided environmental engineering services and solutions to industry, small business, agriculture, and state and local governments throughout California, Oregon, and Alaska. We are a fully licensed and insured consulting firm, providing complete environmental assessment and remediation services.

RRM employs more than 15 registered, degreed professionals and technicians to meet our client's needs. We are experienced in all phases of site investigation and cleanup, including discovery, assessment and remediation, underground tank fund administration and management, regulatory liaison and negotiation, legal support, risk assessment, and site case closure.

To provide underground storage tank testing, upgrade, and replacement services to our fuel distributor clients, RRM has teamed with Triton Construction.

Customer Service

Our staff of engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and field technicians are dedicated to providing quality work in a professional, friendly, timely, and cost-efficient manner. Every member of our staff is approachable and knowledgeable; we aim to answer all clients’ questions and address their specific concerns. We work closely with our clients to develop satisfactory project schedules, and we stick to them.

Regulatory Liaison

In its many years in environmental cleanup, RRM has developed close relationships with state and local regulators, and can thus act as an expert liaison among clients, regulatory authorities, and third parties.

Cost Savings

RRM can complete jobs at significant cost savings through our established network of cost-effective vendors and subcontractors, low overhead, and negotiated limited work scopes.

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