I do not know where to begin in thanking you for all you have done at our site cleanup. You truly are on the landowner’s side in helping get through this seemingly endless maze of paperwork and frustrations. First of all, you have a very professional organization. You and your people are great communicators, organized and very respectful. I have been frustrated on many occasions and you have always listened and helped me understand a very complicated process without becoming irritated. You have a calm demeanor and take the time to explain all the details involved. Your attitude and technical expertise has been very important in coping with this. I also really love your staff. They are all very helpful and are so nice to work with. They have also done some very nice favors for me - way beyond the call of duty. Thank you for getting closure on the water, which is the most important part of this. The county is delaying pending inspection of the dirt even though the dirt has been changed and already examined. I would definitely recommend you, without hesitating for one moment, to anyone who is in a situation where they need a contractor to do a site cleanup.
Janet Banovac | Farm Owner
I have worked with RRM for decades. RRM has provided due diligence (Phase 1), environmental investigation and remedial services, litigation support and regulatory advocacy on behalf of clients. RRM is able to analytically simplify complex environmental problems which is invaluable toward resolution of regulatory and/or legal actions. RRM further is proactive from the onset toward seeking site closure where the site cannot be feasibly restored economically and the environmental risk is low. I know once RRM is assigned the task, whether litigation support or regulatory compliance, RRM’s performance will meet or exceed my high expectations which is why I endorse RRM to clients.
Michael S. Brown | Attorney At Law
Many years ago my property was polluted by an underground storage tank that had leaked over many years. Once this discovery was made, I was confronted with the daunting realization that l was now under the extensive regulations and demands of the California State Resources Control Board. Immediately your company involved its professional efforts in solving the complicated issues of my "case". Over the years, during this cleanup process, I have known all of the staff to be experts in dealing with the State requirements, obtaining the necessary permits, installation of ground water wells, copious necessary detailed reports, ground water testing, letters and direct communications with the State and County offices, and staying within the State financial guidelines for site cleanup and maintenance. You have remained, and continue to remain my professional support in this entire remediation process. Without your well-informed and acquaintance with the facts and process of remediation I would have been incredibly lost.
Marilyn Scaife | Commercial Property Owner
I would like to express very deeply my appreciation for what you have done for me. My husband passed away 7 years ago, I am now 74 years and I own 3 stores in Watsonville. I was totally shocked to receive letters from the water board, saying that my property had some contamination. I had never heard of anything like that, I became very distraught and Cate you gave me confidence that you would take care of this problem and you even told me to go away, I wanted to go back to France where a very close sister in law was dying, so I did go away and I did see her and it took off my mind off this problem. You also quoted that the price for doing this would be approximately 3000 dollars, more or less but you charged me 2500 and something you are very kind, and very honest and unfortunately that cannot be said for everyone please use my letter to show to your other clients or even to send to the sentinel thanks you again. I just cannot thank you enough.
Monique | Commercial Property Owner