I Received my Letter of Commitment From The UST Cleanup Fund and Started Work - What Happens Next?

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“Hold on,” I said, “I can barely make out what you’re saying.” It was a former neighbor who I helped with an application to California’s Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (UST Fund). “We got our Letter of Commitment from the Fund and we’ve started work. I know you told me the hardest part is behind me, but all I see is a pile of invoices and an empty spreadsheet.” I sensed the frustration.

“Okay, okay - let’s take it one step at a time,” I said. “First, let me remind you that the Fund provides up to $3,000 for assistance with the application and reimbursement, that should relieve some of your frustration.” I continued, “Look, we can help you with the reimbursement, but while I got you on the phone, let me walk you through it in case you want the honor.”  My former neighbor agreed.

I began by explaining that each UST cleanup case is different and regulatory requirements vary, but the basic process for filing a reimbursement request is the same.

Complete Work and Receive Invoices

My former neighbor had already finished the first step of the reimbursement process - he had a pile of invoices from completed work and an empty spreadsheet. I let him know his task was to review the invoices for completeness and accuracy. The invoices should provide a summary of work and a detailed cost breakdown by task. I told him his consultant should have Fund guidance for creating invoices that include enough detail for the Fund to approve the scope of work completed.

Create a Reimbursement Request and Submit

wellandGWmetersNext is the spreadsheet. The Fund provides an Excel spreadsheet for summarizing invoice information. The spreadsheet is designed so it can be easily uploaded to California’s data management system, GeoTracker. Along with the spreadsheet, invoices and reimbursement request forms make up the reimbursement request package. If you are uploading your package, you’ll need three main pieces:

  1. Reimbursement Request Forms (signed by claimant and consultant)
  2. Invoice copies with written summary of work (PDF format)
  3. Invoice summary (Excel format)

Receive Your Reimbursement Check

After the paperwork is submitted, the moment that made it all worth it arrives - the reimbursement check. It can take weeks to several months to receive reimbursement for an invoice. Reimbursement requests are processed in the order received and go through several rounds of review before approved. Once approved, the Fund will send a request to the State Controller to issue a check. The status of any reimbursement request is available online through GeoTracker.

The check you receive will be from the State of California. You will have thirty days from the date of receipt of the check to pay the consultant the total amount of the invoices. After the consultant is paid, you will be expected to sign and submit a form stating you paid the consultant for the invoices that were reimbursed (Proof of Payment). This form is also signed by the consultant and can be uploaded electronically to GeoTracker.


At the close of our phone call, my former neighbor sighed, “Okay, that’s all I need to know, just call me when you need my signature, the rest is up to you.” Do you need help navigating through this process? Give us a call or sign up for a free consultation below.

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