Soil, Groundwater and Soil Gas Remediation


Investigation and Remediation of Soil, Groundwater and Soil Gas Contamination. Services include:

  • Preparation of Conceptual Site Models, Remedial Action Plans, Corrective Action Plans, Monitoring Plans, Investigation Work Plans, Tier I and Tier II Risk Screening Plans, Implementation Work Plans, Traffic Control Plans, Remediation System Design Plans, Data Reduction and Analysis Reports, Groundwater Monitoring Reports, Remediation Performance Reports, Groundwater, Soil, and Soil Gas Investigation Reports
  • Surface and subsurface soil, groundwater, and gas sampling, analyses, and reporting
  • Permitting for boring and well Installation, encroachment, building, and waste discharge
  • Remedial system design, installation, operation and maintenance, optimization, and closure
  • Soil Vapor Extraction, Air Sparging, Groundwater Extraction and Treatment, Excavation, Injection, Dual Phase Extraction, Thermal Desorption, Biofarming
  • Sub Slab Depressurization
  • Remediation Pilot Testing
  • Remediation Equipment - Another way we assist our clients is by providing our own remediation equipment. This allows us to mobilize quickly and deploy remediation systems at lower costs and provide turnkey services. We also refurbish and recycle equipment from other applications, thereby conserving resources and saving on remediation capitalization costs. In many cases, we fabricate skid-mounted or trailer-mounted equipment to allow modular installation of remediation systems.


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