Vapor Intrusion Sampling, Assessment, and Mitigation


At most impacted sites, the greatest risk to human health and the environment comes from vapors leaving contaminated soil and/or groundwater. While subsurface soil and groundwater may be isolated from a property user or a community, vapor emanating from impacted soil and/or groundwater can penetrate the surface and enter the breathing zone. Regulatory oversight agencies are concerned that even when engineered remediation is complete and natural attenuation is working to complete the cleanup process, exposure to vapor phase impact can occur.

Our services include:

  • a complete range of ambient air and soil gas sampling
  • assessment of data and implications
  • mitigation of conditions that may pose a threat

We have conducted numerous soil gas and indoor air studies, and are experienced in the implementation and operation of a variety of mitigation measures including natural and active sub-slab and subsurface ventilation and building pressurization.


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