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Various clients use our services as part of their effort to sell, purchase, finance, or plan an investment. We have provided Phase I and Phase II services for financing and property development; research and discovery services for preliminary assessment of development potential and financing; and indoor air sampling and analyses to assess potential threats posed by nearby contamination. We have also provided property maintenance services for properties that require upfront assessment and maintenance to prevent future environmental problems and reduce liability concerns and insurance costs. Recently, we assisted a client who found there were no records following removal of an underground storage tank (UST) by previous tenants and submittal of a report to the regulatory oversight agency. The UST removal occurred 18 years prior to our review of the case, and the report indicated gasoline was detected in soil samples collected at the time of UST removal. Because of our past experience, we were able to piece together information provided in the report and on a handwritten note attached to the report to argue that the oversight agency intended to close the environmental case. We crafted a letter to the oversight agency discussing our findings and requested the agency acknowledge their intention to close the environmental case. No further action was granted by the agency shortly after their review of our letter.

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