Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Remediation Risk Management, Inc. serves many different client segments including commercial and industrial, residential home and land owners, public agencies, insurance companies and adjusters, real estate agencies and clients from the legal profession. Find out more about the various challenges and proven solutions RRM, Inc. has to offer our niche client segments.

Commercial Client Services

  • Former and operating service stations property development, financing, and compliance - UST and spills
  • Former and operating dry cleaner property development, financing, and compliance - spills
  • Storm water pollution prevention
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Phase I and Phase II for property development, financing, and compliance

Public Agency Client Services

  • Landfill investigation, remediation, compliance
  • Phase I and Phase II property development
  • Fire Station UST and fuel release investigation, remediation, and compliance
  • Maintenance yard/Vehicle yard
  • Land Trust support

Residential Client Services

  • Fuel oil USTs – heating system investigation and cleanup
  • Fuel USTs – home/farm/ranch fueling investigation and cleanup
  • Phase I and II for residential development and financing
  • Illicit Methamphetamine production investigation and cleanup
  • Drinking water sampling, well installation/replacement, small water treatment systems
  • Indoor air sampling and evaluation

Client Challenges/ RRM Services

  • Time sensitive Phase I and Phase II services for financing and property development
  • Discovery for preliminary assessment of development potential and financing
  • Property maintenance for property uses that require upfront assessment and maintenance to prevent future environmental problems and reduce liability concerns and insurance
  • Indoor air sampling and analyses

Legal Client Services

  • Records and file review
  • Third party process and report review and support
  • Environmental problem assessment and consultation
  • Discovery and research
  • Expert support

Insurance Client Services

  • Provide environmental consulting for claims
  • Project review and oversight