Litigation & Legal

Expert Testimony in Environmental Litigation & Legal Cases

  • Records and file review
  • Third-party process and report review and support
  • Environmental problem assessment and consultation
  • Discovery and research
  • Expert support

Litigation Projects & Legal Industry Experience

Chevron File Review

To provide third-party litigation support for a major oil company, we reviewed environmental case records to identify potential discrepancies in project histories. Information was organized in a database for later use by the litigation team. Importantly, time and money was saved because, unlike paralegal support, we know what to look for, we can interpret results on the fly, we can quickly judge the significance and relevance of information, and we understand the environmental case process. Our work included meetings with the legal team and deposition testimony.

Alameda Naval Air Station Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC)

We assisted the BRAC team during the transition of the Alameda Naval Air Station by providing a third-party review of reports generated by consults retained by the Navy. As part of our work, we summarized reports in plain language, met with stakeholders to discuss findings, provided recommendations regarding transition tasks, and attended public meetings to present findings and answer questions.

Cement Discharge

A contractor was accused of rinsing cement off his truck and allowing the rinse water to enter a storm drain operated by the County of Santa Clara. The contractor faced a significant fine. Counsel for the contractor retained us to review the case and provide support in a preliminary hearing. We visited the location of discharge, noted observations, and researched local water quality. The case against the contractor relied on pH readings collected by the inspector. We determined that the measurement recorded by the inspector was within the range of values that could be expected for water from the tap and that the method of measuring pH used by the inspector did not provide the resolution necessary to differentiate the water in the storm drain from ordinary tap water. As a result, the mediator dismissed the case against the contractor.

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