Public Agencies

Public Agency, City & County Services

  • Landfill investigation, remediation, compliance
  • Phase I and Phase II property development
  • Fire Station Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and fuel release investigation, remediation, and compliance
  • Maintenance yard/Vehicle yard
  • Land Trust support

Public Agency Projects & Industry Experience

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

A sizable groundwater plume consisting of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MtBE) was discovered while investigating a gasoline release at the Pajaro Valley School District’s maintenance yard. We assisted the district by delineating the MtBE in shallow and deep groundwater-bearing zones, and by installing and operating a groundwater extraction and treatment system. The treatment system consisted of a bioreactor and series-connected carbon units. Treated groundwater was discharged to the storm drain under a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. Importantly, we were able to secure funding for the school district from the California Underground Storage Tank (UST) Insurance Fund so that the district was reimbursed for past and current work.

City of San Jose

The City of San Jose had been monitoring groundwater conditions at Singleton Landfill for decades. When the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) asked for a more detailed analysis of some recent and historical data, the request was beyond the City’s resources. The City retained RRM to help comply with the RWQCB’s request. To address the RWQCB request, we completed an in-depth statistical analysis of historical groundwater data. In addition, we provided groundwater sampling and monitoring services for the landfill. With our understanding of the site, we were able to reduce operating costs by achieving modifications to the sampling, monitoring, and reporting requirements mandated by the RWQCB.

 San Jose Redevelopment Agency

The City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency retained RRM to provide environmental engineering, geology consulting, and related construction and hazardous materials removal services for the North First Street Tank Pull Project. The site is a City of San Jose Parking lot that was formerly occupied by a gasoline service station on the lower third of the parcel. The Redevelopment Agency, the owner of the site, had performed Phase I and II environmental site assessments and a detailed geophysical survey to prepare the property for sale. The prospective buyer, a developer, plans to construct a raised parking structure and underground parking garage over the entire footprint of the parcel. Results of Phase I and II site assessment and geophysical survey identified one underground storage tank (UST) of unknown size, sporadic piping runs, and other magnetic anomalies that needed to be excavated and removed before the property could be sold.

RRM broke ground on schedule and during the first day of work discovered two additional USTs, a hydraulic car hoist, several hundred linear feet of product piping, and a buried drum, in addition to the single UST previously identified. RRM immediately informed the client that two USTs were filled with concrete, one with oily water, and the buried drum was half full of oily soil and sludge. After obtaining approval from the client, RRM proceeded to successfully perform all sampling, profiling, excavation, removal, transportation, disposal, and backfill activities to complete site work. Throughout the course of the project, RRM effectively communicated with nearby property owners and residences to allay concerns about the potentially hazardous nature of work at the site. During very inclement weather, RRM staff worked efficiently alongside the City of San Jose project engineer, the developer’s consulting firm, and multiple City agencies. The project was completed on schedule and to the full satisfaction of the client.

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